School Morning Madness - Mummy tips to get you through it

Be organised! I bet you laughed right? How obvious is being organised? Seriously though, the biggest thing i can suggest is to get as much done the night before as possible. Even the silly little things you think will take you minutes can end up taking a good half an hour with a screeching toddler attached to your leg! 

1. Clock - Get the whole family in a routine of knowing what time you get up daily. There are many versions of toddler age appropriate clocks out there. 

2. Have a morning routine chart, and stick to it! This is one of my biggest tips, even an older child needs a routine in the morning, and a visual to reference back to will really help. 

3. Lunch - If your child has a packed lunch, do it the night before, and make it part of your routine to get your child to help prepare their lunch for the next day. It saves an early morning melt down because you have put ham in their sandwich and they wanted cheese! 

4. The whole family can get into a routine of laying their clothes out the night before for the next day. Even the adults. 

I hope these simple tips help you get through the mummy morning madness. 

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