Addicted to fragrance - Fragrance empties

I knew I liked a good fragrance or two, but since counting how many bottles I have used since Christmas I am now branding myself addicted to fragrances. Roughly on a day to day basis I will use at least two different scents throughout the day, and for sure will always have a body spray in my handbag. 

Two body sprays I am loving right now are Mist You Madly by Soap and Glory, and Ted Baker Pink
Both in the under ten pounds bracket, with Mist You Madly being £6.50 and Ted Baker Pink being just £3. Both a floral fragrance with Ted Baker being more sweet and fruity, where as Mist You Madly has a definite musk layer. 

The next four scents I am loving all have one very big similarity, the length of time the scent lasts, but one very big difference, the price. Ranging from £6 to £39! I have found that all four of these fragrances last an incredible time once spritzed. 

What fragrances are you all loving right now?

Marie xx

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